Ishinomaki Fund:石巻基金

In aid of a high school girl who lost the only parent by Great East Japan Earthquake

This fund is to support the girl's dream to study abroad.   


Ishinomaki Fund Committee:

President: Atsuko Betchaku, Visitor, The University of Edinburgh

Vice President: Robert Turner, The City of Edinburgh Council, JETAA Scotland

Secretary: Jaehun Park, Minister, Edinburgh Japanese Church

Treasurer: Jonathan Thomas, Professor of Economics, The University of Edinburgh

Other members: Martin Macdonald, Chihiro Nakajima


We will aim to raise fund at first for her first one year and a half in Edinburgh.  


How much money would be necessary for a high school graduage to study in Edinburgh:  


April to June 2014: Study English     £5,800

(Tuition fees £2,600, Subsistence and others: £800x4=£3,200)

August 2014-June 2015: Prepare for a university     £16,800

International Foundation Programme

(Tuition fees: £7,200, Subsistence and others: £800x12=£9,600)    

September 2015-May 2019: Study at the University of Edinburgh      £91,600  

(Tuition fees: £13,300x4years, Subsistence and others: £800x12=£9,600x4years)


Total of tuition fees and subsistence: £114,200

Flight tickets: £500 per return



Just Festival Edinburgh

North East Japan Spirit : Tsugaru Shamisen and Folk Songs is a series of four music concerts from 3 to 6 August 2013, and part of Just Festival (was Festival of Spirituarity and Peace).


Tickets for our event can be booked online here.





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